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One of those hot July days ...

Saturday 23rd September, 2023

Newby Hall is a really special place to visit. Even more so when you have the benefit of a loquacious guide who knows how to bring history to life!

The Forest of Galtres Societygathered at Newby Hall to hear the story of the Blackett family. It told them all about the money inherited, the money spent, the beautiful things designed, the wonderful furniture commissioned, the tapestries received, the table lamps repainted, the gentlemen in their smoky billiard table centred lair, the ladies whose luck was less and the family line which suffered calamities.

One particular statue is much travelled, it shows Jan Sobieski who was the elective king of Poland (1674-96). He drove back the Ottoman Turks – hence the figure being trampled under the horse – and briefly restored the kingdom of Poland-Lithuania to greatness.

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