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Boost For St Monica’s Hospital from Friends ...

Saturday 9th September, 2023

Both staff and patients at St Monica's Hospital are benefitting from recent support has been given by the Friends of the Hospital.

Much appreciated equipment boosting the care and comfort of those receiving treatment and, importantly, those delivering it, has been purchased by the Friends of St Monica's Hospital (FOSMH), with more on its way.

The hospital's Sister, Jade Barnes, described some of the additions that are making life easier for her care-giving colleagues and those who receive it.

"Our staff room needed a revamp to provide a relaxing space for members of staff when on break. So, the help that FOSMH have given may seem simple but has really been welcomed by staff.

We now have a decent sofa in the room, a table and chairs, a refrigerator, and a TV, even somewhere to store our shoes, each giving the team more chance to recharge between the hustle and bustle of hospital life and to feel valued and respected..

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