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MP praises local housing association's energy saving homes ...

Saturday 9th September, 2023

A constituent has described how moving into one of four homes which an affordable housing provider has retrofitted to make them the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes in its entire stock as like “winning the lottery”.

It’s an amazing home which demonstrates what is possible when it comes to making older homes energy efficient and future proofed. I am aways delighted to engage with Broadacres who have shown they are leading the conversation and delivering innovative solutions in their field.

The deep retrofitting of these homes will reduce energy demand by up to 70% and will eventually reduce carbon emissions by 100% when the National Grid becomes decarbonized.

Work has included installing renewable energy, air source heat pumps, solar panels, triple glazed windows, and doors, laying thicker loft, floor, and wall insulation, and installing a system which uses residual heat from shower water to preheat the incoming cold water and another which extracts warm, damp air from the home and draws in fresh air from the outside.

Jane Mitchell moved into her home in the village of Myton-on-Swale.

She didn’t realise when she accepted the home that it was one of four properties – the others being in Northallerton (2) and Stokesley - Broadacres had been carrying out extensive work on over the last two years as part of an innovative project to see how older homes could be transformed to get them to net zero carbon standard..

To learn more about this energy efficient, affordable housing scheme, go along to your nearest stockist and buy a copy of the paper.

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