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Friends of St Monica’s Hospital say Hear! Hear...

Saturday 3rd September 2022

Housebound patients in the Easingwold area will soon be able to have their ears syringed thanks to a grant from the Friends of St Monica's Hospital (FOSMH).

The specialized equipment needed has now been handed over to Easingwold Community Nurses and training has been booked, all paid for by FOSMH.

NHS funding for ear syringing is not available and some patients have consequently suffered from hearing loss and other ear conditions.

By providing a grant the service can now be provided to those who cannot leave their homes and make their lives much more pleasant.

Jo Wheeler, District Nurse, said: "This will be a real boon for locally housebound patients, filling a gap that NHS funding unfortunately can't meet. We know how it will be welcomed by those we care for and really appreciate how FOSMH have helped us.

It's a wonderful example of how a community charity is able to facilitate health care by responding to local needs.......

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