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Business Briefcase - Wold Class ...

Saturday 4th November, 2023

This month, Wold Class would like to extend an invitation to all businesses in Easingwold to their Business Briefcase.

Wold class is what grew out of the original Easingwold business forum back in 2017.

The original idea of a business forum came largely from Debbie Downey, who used to run the boutique Georgia Lily. A steering group was set up consisting of the owners of the Curtain Room, the George Hotel, the Leaping Hare Gallery, the Curious Coffee Company, Spring Dry Cleaners, Hunter Gee Holroyd, the Flower Shop, Towlers, and Hearts Boutique.

This steering group appointed Eddie Copley Farnell as chairman, and Michael Fram from the Leaping Hare took on the role of secretary.

The group was assisted by councillor Clive Barnes, and the town council and Johnny Hayes were also extremely supportive.

Later that year an open meeting for all local businesses, charities and organizations was held at the Galtres Centre.

To learn more about Wold Class and their events, pick up a copy of the paper at your nearest stockist.

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