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Saturday 5th November 2022

What a turnout! The place to be was the EDAS Art Exhibition where over 50 artists, 4 art groups, Easingwold Primary and Outwood Academy joined together to create a marvellous spectacle.

The Galtres volunteers started early on Friday erecting the stands and tables needed by EDAS.

As the last screw was driven home EDAS took over and in a flurry of activity had the exhibition ready and waiting for the arrival of artists.

The Exhibition attracted over 600 people to the Galtres Centre, some braving the torrential rain on Sunday that tested many a waterproof.

The exhibition is now in its 19th year and attracts more and more artists each year from beginners to professionals.

The high standard of work and exciting range of different styles and mediums on display offered a rich visual palette for both visitors and exhibitors to enjoy.......

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