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Easingwold Young Farmers ...

Saturday 11th May, 2024

The Young Farmers AGM is celebrating 80 years and growing to be a very successful club.

The Easingwold Young Farmers club celebrated at the 80th annual general meeting on the 5th of March, 2024. The club’s successful relaunch last year has allowed the group to go from strength to strength, attracting an impressive membership over this past year.

There were over 60 members and guests present to celebrate the club’s success. Tommy Woodlife, the president, welcomed attendees with a recap of the past year’s achievements. Andrew Grainger, the chairman, and Ellie Austin, the secretary, thanked all club and committee members for making the organisation the success it is today.

The AGM announced the new slate of 2024 office roles.

President: Simon Waudby

Vice President(s): Kathryn Guittus, Andrew Lancaster, Carl Brewster, Stuart Cotes

Club Leader(s): Andrew Grainger, Ellie Austin

Deputy Club Leader(s): Russell Wagstaff, Steve Thompson, Charles Brel, James Edgar

Chair: Charles Waudby

Vice Chair(s): Harry Summers, Michael Wilson

Junior Chair(s): Joe Combe, Henry Elder

Secretary: Lauren Hall

Vice Secretary: Niamh Hall, Louise York

Treasurer: Steven Featherstone

Vice Treasurer: Robert Walker.

There were many competitions which took place over the last year within the club, district and county. Joe Combe won best boy and Emily Thompson won best girl. The David Coats memorial trophy went to Emily Thompson and Kathryn Featherstone. The car treasure hunt award was shared by Sophie Guittus, Emily Thompson and Kathryn Featherstone.

At the end of the meeting, the club gave a huge thank you to Ellie Austin, Russell Wagstaff, Steve Thompson, Steven Featherstone and James Edgar for all their hard work they have put into the club over the past year.

To read more about the Young Farmers AGM, pick up a copy of the paper from your nearest stockist.

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