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Kyle Valley Scouts - Expedition Weekend 2022...

Saturday 14th May 2022

Several weeks of preparations during Scout meetings and a whirlwind of activity on behalf of leaders in the week beforehand came to a head last weekend on our annual expedition challenge.

This is no small undertaking for the Scouts concerned. It’s essentially a Bronze D of E but years before they would be eligible to partake in that.

Nevertheless, I have always believed that they are capable of this sort of thing, there are a myriad of skills necessary but none of them are rocket science.

What is most important is the frame of mind to accept the challenge, to listen to the brief and to buckle down and get it done. That has nothing to do with age.

Given their youth and relative inexperience every one of them rose to the occasion and I hope, benefited from it significantly.

It’s quite a thing to be trusted to do and I am pleased to report that all of them have repaid this with exemplary behaviour and a display of knowledge that was enough to enable them to complete the task...

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