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Stillington and Farlington WI ...

Saturday 23rd March, 2024

On Wednesday, 13th March, the Stillington and Farlington WI welcomed Gelda Churton to speak about flowers, how to get the best out of cut flowers and curing some common bouquet problems.

Soft stemmed flowers like tulips and gerberas often droop. This can be prevented by inserting a pin through the stem just below the flower head and then removing the pin. This method allows the release of air in the stem, encouraging the uptake of water.

Furthermore, vases and containers should be filled approx 2/3 full and any leaves, either on the flowers or greenery, should be stripped off. This helps keep the water clean. The water should then be changed every couple of days.

For more flower tips, pick up a copy of the paper from your nearest stockist and buy a copy of the paper.

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