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Business Briefcase – North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Training Centre and Easingwold Fire Station...

Saturday 24th June, 2023

All the training for firefighters in North Yorkshire is conducted at Easingwold Training Centre from basic training through to advanced firefighting.

Andy Daw, the station manager (temp), has worked at Easingwold as a training officer for the last five years. He explained the operation and showed us around the facility.

From a young age Andy only wanted two things in life, to be a good rugby player and fireman.

He was a good rugby player, but injuries caused him to fail his medical on two occasions. So, he stopped playing for a short time, securing his future with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Once he’d established his fire career, he resumed his rugby work, moving into coaching.

He started his four-year probationary at Tadcaster, before spending fifteen years at York fire station. Andy explained how firefighting has changed radically since he joined the fire service.

“Overall, we’ve seen a decrease in the total number of incidents we attend over the last ten years” Andy explained.

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