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Crayke Church of England Primary School News...

Saturday 3rd June, 2023

Holly Class from the Crayke Church of England Primary School recently visited Murton Park. The following is a message from Miss Walker and Mrs Shirley from the school.

We had such an amazing experience at Murton Park! From the second we arrived we were immersed in the Roman world.

The children adored creating traditional clay oil lamps and writing in Latin. They were (of course) incredibly interested in the toilets and sponges on sticks as toilet paper!

The highlight of the day was using the swords to attack our enemies (a smelly Celt) and throwing battle spears.

The children were impeccably behaved all day. They have made us incredibly proud with their politeness, how well they referred to the knowledge they've gained so far and their eagerness to learn more.

Well done Holly Class.

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