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Drummers at Easingwold Summer of Music...

Saturday 6th July, 2024

Well the weather held on dry & warm for the drummers last Saturday afternoon thank goodness.

Indeed it was delightfully warm for the good crowd in attendance to watch the Kaminari Taiko Drummers visiting Easingwold once again!

But weren’t they good - so very good in fact and the crowd loved them.

Easingwold is one of the drummers favourite events on their calendar and it showed with smiles all round while playing.

You may think there is only so much you can do with a few drums in the way of entertainment.

Well with almost two hours of sheer delight, they proved beyond all doubt that by mixing different dance steps, rhythms, tempo and different sounds depending where you were hitting on the drum itself, you can have a thoroughly entertaining afternoon!

The Drummers also showcased the new members of the group who have recently joined them and getting to grips with the complexities of multi instrument and multi people drumming - while remembering your dance steps and where you need to place your sticks It’s certainly not easy.

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