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Live Music at EDCCA Poppets...

Saturday 1st July, 2023

Glastonbury has started, so Easingwold brought its own music to EDCCA’s Poppets last Wednesday morning.

Bill Cleghorn, Chair and musician with Easingwold Town Band, visited our toddler session with his tenor horn.

The children were delighted! After tidying up the toys, the group sat in a circle for songs and rhymes. Bill played Twinkle, Twinkle and everyone joined in.

The children were fascinated by the sound the instrument made. They got up close and pressed the valves as Bill blew.

It was a joy to see their faces as the sounds changed. Bill was gentle and patient with the toddlers.

He demonstrated the tuba which some tots could have fitted inside. It was huge. Much bigger than them. They watched and listened intently.

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