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Easingwold WI February Report...

Saturday 24th February, 2024

The February Easingwold WI meeting was opened with items from the newsletter, including the Spring Council meeting in April with Rev Kate Bottley and Nicola Mills, an opera singer, as speakers.

Five members have stated intention of attending the meeting. Several events are on offer, including rock climbing, mosaics and willow weaving.

There was interest in forming quiz teams for the Federation Quiz in May. The walking netball team were featured in the newsletter with a photograph.

Any WI member from the surrounding areas will always be welcome to join the group on a Friday morning at the Galtres Centre.

The walking group had enjoyed a walk around Huby on a lovely spring-like day, followed by lunch at Burn Hall.

The next walk will be on the first Wednesday in March around Terrington. The Group Meeting, “Pams Travels on a Camel”, will be hosted at the Galtres Centre in April.

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