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Saturday 18th February, 2023

The first meeting of the Flower Club in 2023 took the form of a solo demonstration of “New Year, New Start” by our Chairman, Margaret Jackson.

Margaret used the opportunity to explain her reasons for using various foliage and flowers and gave tips of the preparation of her material.

Using a small plastic dish containing water retaining foam, she began by selecting her pieces of forsythia which had been taken indoors two weeks previously by Jean Thornton who unfortunately was not able to attend due to a heavy cold and was expecting to do the demonstration. The forsythia formed the line and height of the arrangement.

Then followed variegated arum leaves, fatsia placed in the front and other in-filling foliage which included senecio, euphorbia robii and box.

The flowers Margaret was able to obtain at very short notice included buds of pale yellow spray carnations and purple tulips. She used three in their natural state and then manipulated two more tulips by peeling their petals backwards to reveal their yellow stamens. Margaret stood her dish on a 2023 Diary to fit the title “New Year........

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