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Business briefcase - Thorntons Bakehouse and Butchers...

Saturday 4th February, 2023

To those who have lived in Easingwold for most of their lives there has always been a Thornton’s, with a shop in the corner of Marketplace and Little Lane and the abattoir opening onto Chapel Street; and for the last four years a modern shop and bake house in Chapel street.

Granddad Colin Thornton started the butchery business in 1960, but it was the skill of Grandma Mary Thornton who started to grow the business with her baking knowledge making pork pies, sausage rolls and savoury pies of every type, this really put Thornton’s on the map.

In the mid 1970s son Geoff joined the business together with two brothers, it continued to thrive until grandson John took on the business in 2017, when major decisions had to be taken about the direction and future of Thornton’s........

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