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Easingwold District Lions bring Santa to Easingwold & Villages!...

Saturday 16th December, 2023

Easingwold District Lions have started their annual tour of the Town and surrounding Villages with Santa. Poor Santa – there are more and more homes in our area to go and see – there is hardly enough time!

Santa started in style, as his first duty was to switch on the lights in Easingwold at the Christmas Bonanza organized on 30th November!

What an honour that was for Santa – he was very proud indeed and we think he will be talking about it all the way back to Lapland!!

1st December saw the Lions taking Santa around the western section of Easingwold and the Villages such as Coxwold, Skelton, Linton on Ouse, Huby & Sutton on the Forest. Many people came out to see Santa which was great.

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