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Calls for more jobs and opportunities to halt exodus of young people...

Saturday 31st December 2022

Political leaders in North Yorkshire have been urged to capitalize on the prospect of delivering a wave of new jobs and improved education after a generation of young people has been lost in the county.

Young people in North Yorkshire have made an impassioned appeal for tangible benefits to be realized through a long-awaited deal with the Government for more decision-making powers and millions of pounds of extra funding to benefit hundreds of thousands of residents and workers.

A proposed devolution deal offers the chance to improve education and job opportunities, boost economic growth and provide better roads and public transport, and places York and North Yorkshire at the forefront of the green energy sector to tackle climate change.

The effects of devolution are expected to be felt for decades to come, and means that the younger generations are expected to feel the greatest benefits from a host of potential improvements.......

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