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Easingwold Running Club...

Saturday 19th August, 2023

One of the members of the Easingwold Running Club gives her opinions and advice on running for less experienced runners. Take a look:

The start of my first ever half-marathon was a damp squib. It was delayed, so I chatted some more with other Running Club members, sharing knowledge and advice. The gem that stayed with me was from Mike Wallis – focus on the mile you are running, not on the ones to come.

I don’t remember if there was an air horn, I was near the back. This was a new challenge, further than I have ever run before and I was very nervous.

My biggest fear? Running out of energy before I run over the finish line.

Once started, I settled into a rhythm easily with so many feet tapping out a similar rhythm around me. My nerves began to calm.

I was feeling good, but I had no gauge for how this was supposed to feel.

I know how I usually feel at each lap of Millfield Parkrun, but that is not helpful today.

I have undertaken several 10k races recently too. Today I’m running twice that distance (and an extra bit – thanks Mike).

I liked that the markers were in miles. There was a bigger distance between them.

I know that’s obvious, but it meant that I could just run for large sections, not worrying about how far I had come or how far I had yet to go, until I saw the next one.

For me, distance markers are not very helpful – only the ones near the end.

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