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Not quite ‘water, water, everywhere’ ...

Saturday 27th April, 2024

The concluding lecture of the Forest of Galtres Society’s winter series was a topic frequently on the group’s mind over the past few months: Yorkshire’s water resources.

It was even more apropos that the lecturer’s East Yorkshire village has suffered considerable problems with flooding. There, water comes up from the ground unexpectedly and spills out onto properties, along roads and beyond.

It was quite astonishing to see just how much water was busy trickling about in the village. One clue to the village’s geology is that the east end of the very long village has a pond and a short street named Spring Terrace.

Similarly to the East Yorkshire village, Easingwold, too, has a street named Spring Street. Though Easingwold’s Spring Street does not have a pond, there used to be one in a different place not far away. This Spring Street, however, has a bubbling issue which continues across the road behind the Almshouses. Here, there is yet another water trough fed by a continuously flowing source. Is there a reason for this similarity?

Lecturer, Paul Speight, is a hydrogeologist for Yorkshire Water. As such, Paul specially prepared information on Easingwold’s local geology. His map shows that Easingwold lies on Mercia Mudstone with Middle Jurassic to the east. To the west lies Early Triassic where geological layers of rock slope eastward.

Interestingly, Crayke sits atop an area which has two faults—one at each side—with the middle dropping downwards. Though this sounds alarming, this occurred during the Jurassic period.

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