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A Roman coffin in West Yorkshire? ...

Saturday 20th April, 2024

On the February day that only occurs once every four years, Leap Year, members of the Forest of Galtres Society learned about a fascinating 2022 discovery.

The audience gathered to hear Kylie Buxton, excavation project officer of Archaelogical Services for West Yorkshire, talk about discoveries made on a site of unexpected value. Kylie’s talk, ‘Excavations at Farforth: high status Roman burial & the Kingdom of Elmet’, regaled audience members of the best excavation project of her career.

Literally just below the topsoil, about a metre (3ft) down, in a material very stony and seemingly unpromising, the archaeologists soon found they had a considerable amount of work to do. The team stumbled upon Roman burial ground containing small metal items (such as buckles, pins, and knives) and skeletons laid out in shallow, parallel, trenches. The burials were so numerous.

To read more about Buxton and the team’s exciting excavation, pick up a copy of the paper from your nearest stockist.

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